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Have I escaped my art block?

I played with some free images from cgtextures.com and then added a dragon. I like adding dragons.

:: photoshop, cgtextures.com ::

Well, here it is!

My portfolio and personal gallery is finally up and running. Only a few more weeks before the domain is mine.

kPelto Illustration is finally live (again)!

How the Egyptians Did Math


So if you list out the double of numbers starting from 1 (1+1=2, 2+2=4) you can sum up every single number out there


1+16= 17


What if we wanted to do, something complicated like 17x25?


Double the 2nd number. So 25+25=50, 50+50=100, and so on


Circle the corresponding…

yo that is my math teacher! (and I know a few of you know him personally too!) Michael S. Schneider was totally rad as everything, the best math instructor I could ever hope to have in an art institution, but pardon my surprise as I see him pop up on one of my favorite tumblr blogs. 

He studies the most ancient aspect of numbers and calculation, and I remember him showing us this exact demonstration when we covered math use in ancient egypt. He made everything as accessible as possible, as well as demystifying numbers in a world of visual non-numeric thinkers. It was the first math class I understood (I was 21), and it was also the first time I was guided into a type of vision that allowed me to see math EVERYWHERE.

what a pick-me-up!

Those of you who want to study mathematics, but struggle horribly, check out the written works of Michael S. Schneider. He’ll help you figure it out.

Via The Ghost With The Most Babe

Doodling between french lessons.. Boop boop

:: colored pencil, ballpoint pen ::

I forgot about my Nudigirls. Currently I’m working on a series for an indie snow-and-surfboard company. Babakina Caprinsulensis was the first one I created, followed by a couple other unfinished pieces.

More recently I did Chromodoris Annae, who is currently in the printing process.

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so i finally downloaded sculptris.

my life is different now.

:: sculptris screen cap + photoshop ::

got into a random fit last night and decided to paint my wall. I’m hoping to expand on it over the next few days.
Feels good to break away from the tablet for a bit.

:: acrylic, 2 hours ::

feets for roots and for scale



Planning a story


Actually writing a story




Serpent King by kpelto-illustration

"I’m gonna eat this boat."

finally got my wheels back on the tracks and i’m making art again. More conceptualization for Unfamiliar Heart, now, later, and much later.

:: pencil, photoshop, cgtextures.com ::

my life is coming back together and i’m successfully making art again


bears are still scary

Tonight I will be at the Handy House of Art and Science doing what I can to get this painted on the wall before midnight.


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