Kate Pelto draws and paints


so i finally downloaded sculptris.

my life is different now.

:: sculptris screen cap + photoshop ::

got into a random fit last night and decided to paint my wall. I’m hoping to expand on it over the next few days.
Feels good to break away from the tablet for a bit.

:: acrylic, 2 hours ::

feets for roots and for scale



Planning a story


Actually writing a story




Serpent King by kpelto-illustration

"I’m gonna eat this boat."

finally got my wheels back on the tracks and i’m making art again. More conceptualization for Unfamiliar Heart, now, later, and much later.

:: pencil, photoshop, cgtextures.com ::

my life is coming back together and i’m successfully making art again


bears are still scary

Tonight I will be at the Handy House of Art and Science doing what I can to get this painted on the wall before midnight.


my army grows…

my dad took a photo at the market in napa, and he said “photoshop this for me”

i knew just what to do

Nope. by kpelto-illustration

I revamped an old sketch in preparation for page-construction of Unfamiliar Heart.

bears are serious business, i’m not even joking

:: ballpoint, photoshop ::

Deaf Machine


by Bex A. Painter

Your parents don’t find out you’re deaf until you’re nearly two. Sure, they have their little suspicions here and there, but you usually find ways to throw them off, like picking up a toy trumpet and chanting ,“Toot-toot!” Probably picked that one up from your twin brother…

This is a fantastically immersive read. It is important.

Read it.


sketch - dragon by kpelto-illustration

my boyfriend and I have been spending a lot of time focusing on the cultural and physical differences between the massive, reigning creatures in “Unfamiliar Heart”; DRAGONS.

dragons are fun.

while we’ve had the serpents carry this wooly, oceanic massive whale/snake appearance, drakes needed to be the opposite. i’ve been exploring new discoveries in pterosaurs, and i’ve been enjoying looking at all the terrible heads and beaks and sets of teeth.

:: photoshop ::

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